The Cocoonababy nest is the result of several years’ attentive observation in a medical environment and research by Red Castle, a company specialising in childcare products.

In the Cocoonababy, a nest which is both firm and soft, babies always lie on their back – as recommended by the medical profession – but at the same time feel reassured as they are held in a semi-foetal position with their shoulders and spine slightly curved. This reduces gastric reflux and allows babies to move their arms and head as they did in their mother’s womb. This ease of movement reduces, amongst other things, the risk of plagiocephaly (baby getting a flattened head). Curled up in the well-known foetal position, babies are able to touch their face or suck their thumb.

During the first few months of a newborn baby’s life, Cocoonababy – the ergonomically shaped nest for babies – reassures babies and helps them adapt to their new environment as well as possible.