Helpful tips for navigating life as a single parent

It's challenging enough becoming a parent, but even more so if you are a single parent juggling the demands of a little one alone. This Singles Day, we wanted to help these single parents that deserve a day of pampering and celebration by offering some tips on how they can lighten their load. 

Provide routine

Create a daily / nightly routine for you and your little one to follow to help make life as a single parent easier to manage. During the day it’s important to give yourself a chance to relax a little whilst watching your baby enjoy some playtime or tummy time on a playmat or yoga mat to help aid their development and independence.

A night-time ritual of bathing and an after-bath bonding massage between you and baby will help create a sense of calmness before laying them down to sleep in their Cocoonababy, which helps both parent and child adapt smoothly to life after birth.

Prepare meals in advance

The Babycook makes life easy for those moments on your own juggling your little one whilst also trying to prepare them a meal. It allows you to make up to 1250 ml of food by steaming, blending, reheating/defrosting, all-in-one, in 15 minutes or less. With time being an issue for any parent trying to feed a hungry child, the speed of the Babycook to help prepare meals with added meal accessories like bottles, babysqueez’ pouches, multiportions and conservations jars allowing you to prepare and store multiple food portions for future use.

Offer affection and praise

More than anything, your child needs your affection and praise daily. Engaging with your child as much as possible by playing with them, going on outings, and encouraging conversations, which will be more beneficial than almost anything else.

Praising their efforts during activities such as feeding, tummy time and play will encourage them to continue to keep persevering and not give up when they are trying to achieve what it is they are doing. But above all else, the most important part of any child’s development is creating a healthy bond, spending time and effort in making lasting memories with their single parent.

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