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Milkeo features

Béaba's Milkeo prepares a bottle by simply pressing on one button. Very fast, less than 20 seconds are needed to prepare a bottle.

The temperature as well as the quantity of water and the formula powder can be set.  It can also distribute hot water to prepare tea or soup for example. A self-cleaning function guarantees hygiene and makes the product easier to clean.


  • Automatic preparation, no other manipulation needed to prepare a bottle. The Milkeo does everything: it measures out the water and the formula powder, mixes it and distributes milk.
  • Very fast, baby's bottle is ready in less than 20 seconds!
  • Temperature selection: there's a temperature to suit every need, be it room, body or warm (22°C then 38 to 70°C).
  • Simple and intuitive control buttons and clear control screen that makes it easy to prepare the bottle, self-clean and select the temperature and quantity required.
Milkeo control screen
  • Compatible with most conventional brands of formula powder (view details)
  • High capacity water tank: up to 10 bottles of 180 ml
  • Steam-tight formula powder container
  • Even temperature and texture without lumps thanks to its mixing system
  • Self-cleaning function of the mixing compartment


  • Age of use: 0+ months
  • Product maintenance: Wash the removable parts by hand (water tank, formula container, mixing compartment) 
  • Material: Polypropylene. BPA, Lead & Phthalate free
  • Weight: 2.99 kg
  • Size: 160mm (width) * 330mm (depth) * 380mm (height)

Download Download the instructions manual (10.3M)