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Cocobag swaddle bag

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The Red Castle Cocobag swaddle bag is a high-waisted sleeping bag specifically designed for newborns. 

The size of the armholes and the length of a conventional infant sleeping bag are not suitable for all babies. Shorter in length than other infant sleeping bags and held in place at the waist by a wide stretch band, The Cocobag covers your baby well and comfortably at bedtime. The light pressure applied by the wide stretch band comforts baby in a similar manner as swaddling without restricting their arm or leg movements.

The Cocobag is ideal for use in the Cocoonababy nest during the baby’s first months. It also has a zip at the base to make nappy changing easier and comes in Fleur de Coton fabric, lightweight or quilted.


High-waisted sleeping bag, held in place by a wide stretch band. Cocobag swaddle bag has a zip at the base to make nappy changing easier.


Use: From birth to 4 months 

Fabric: Quilted Fleur de Coton fabric (TOG 2)

Care: Machine washable at 30°C